Pemilik Cintaku setelah Allah & Rasul.

It's a book title. Written by Fatimah Syarha Mohd Noordin. A great book that will change us, women perspective towards ourselves, our religion and our faith and trust towards Allah S.W.T and of course, our beloved Islam, the way of life. Recommended by my beloved lecturer, Madam Roziyani binti Rawi. Was about to borrow from her, but somehow found the book at MPH, Giant Senawang. Ask my sis to buy it for me..ehehe. And she agreed, because it's only RM12.00 dude!! The content is much more expensive than the price..thumbs up to the writer!!

One thing that I remember the most in this book....perkahwinan adalah sesuatu yang halal, tetapi adakah anda ingin memulakannya dengan sesuatu yang haram? iaitu "couple" sebelum berkahwin. I can't remember the exact phrases and words but from my point of view and my interpretation, it is somewhat like that. Touche! ;p

Read it last year, only now updating..hik3!~ ;p

Goodnight! err..morning beloved peeps!! ^.^

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