the day!! ;)

today we arrived late @ UPM Serdang after picked up my little sis..the ceremony was not really interesting..but we did capture some pictures that are valuable for 7 of, cop, emy, bob, nad, muqni and roslim..with family that we value the most..KPTM Rector's,  Dean, staff and our beloved lecturers..the ceremony was not really good but it's perfect because we celebrate it with our beloved ones..

Goodluck to my friends which some of them is working and some of us is furthering studies..goodluck for us all in our life.. ;)

UPM - IPTS 12th Convocation 2010

Even last night i was pissed off..but today i am excited..i'm currently at my hometown to attend my Convocation day less than 7hours from now with my sister can't make it because she's living brother got loads of work at his office @Damansara..the only sibs dat will come with me is my little sis, we'll pick her up at GMI bangi before go straight to UPM Serdang..sadly that i didn't received any award this time but..tomorrow i'm a Diploma Sains Komputer UPM holder..yeah!!! ;p
thanks to Allah S.W.T that makes it all come true..ayah and ibu..along..angah..siti..lecturers..friends..thanks to all lah!!
i love you all..muahhh!! ;)


1st 3rd bl0g (^_^)

hye all, today i decided to create this blog..again..why?? let it just be between me and me..that's just how it goes..I'll share my pain, j0y, happiness, sadness with myself..and my blog visitors..if there is any..i know I'm not that popular..ever!!..enjoy!! ehehe~ 

all of you are welcome to visit my blog and leave comments..thank you.. ;)