hey ho! ;p

it has been a very longgggggg tyme that this blog is updated. sorry baby, lots of other stuff bugging me. i love u. remember that. :)

today, i miss him. very much. that i cried alone at workplace thinking of him. 1st thing was on my mind today.....awak janji nak bawa wifey and kids datang wedding saya! :| 2nd of all, wondering what are you doing right now. there was never a friend treat me very well, the way you did. i miss you!
dah lah lama tak hupdate blog, bukan main jiwang lagik cik ain!! hamboih!! ahaha!! lots of stuff in head, lots of dreams to pursue. lots of things to achieve. using my own big and not so little hand! penat! tapi insyaAllah berbaloi-baloi~ :)

comelnyeeeeeeee saya!! rasa nak geget je!! ;p

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