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hey guys, if there's any of u reading my blog. ;p happy living alive not yet dead and will never becoming zombie. :) i created a new blog few days ago. very the simple. very the me. very the perfecto for the momento. anyway, i will not share it now. will do later when i feel like doing. oww yea, mission 2013? got a lot, will share few of them...............

1. kurus :)   >o<   B-)
2. learning few other languages
3. dapat suami kacak, kaya macam budak aiman yang berlakon dalam rindu bertamu di abu dhabi tu. ;p tak layan? vanilla coklat. tak layan gak? mamat masuk af tapi kalah tu. tak tawu? kawan sekolah kau lah gilaaaaa ;p bukan jugak?! oke bai!
3. graduate baby!!!!! owwww yeahhhh!!!!!!!!!! :)

enough for you. keep the rest all to myself. love all people around me.whether you bring joy or pain. i love you bebeh, because of each and everyone of you i experienced it all. lot of things happen even though i am still a cute and adorable smart teenagers. ;p take it all, learn it all. learning process never end, till you become a dead body or maybe if u'd like to, a z.o.m.b.i.e~ ;p

if you found out that being kind in each and every single little thing in your life is not cool at all, you don't deserve heaven baby, that is for sure. and if you try to improve yourself to become a good hamba Allah, as days passes, i don't know what you deserve! ;p

-quoted by: my cute self

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Anonymous said...

ape email and password blog haku niiii..da lupa... T_T